A Good Roofing System

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 by Michael Sundberg

A good roofing system consists of numerous elements, such as a materials used and installation.  Roof underlayments, solar attic fans, and ridge vents are a few roofing materials that help insulate your home, reduce the heat in your home, and protect your home from Florida's harsh elements.  It is important to have these materials installed by a licensed, experienced roofing company.  

Galaxy Builders, Inc. is the only company who offers the Genesis Reflective Underlayment (“Genesis”).  Genesis helps insulate your home from the harmful summer sun; it reflects the sun’s UV rays and also helps insulate your home.  Genesis also qualifies as a secondary water barrier because its closed cell foam impedes moisture. 

A typical attic will reach 130 degrees in the peak of summer; making it very difficult and expensive to cool your home.  Our Genesis roof underlayment helps to reduce the heat in your attic, in turn, reducing the energy used by your air conditioner system.  When installed properly, Genesis can make your attic about 5 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature outside.  Our Genesis roof underlayment will reduce your energy bills and help save you money. 

Our Genesis roof underlayment is a better roofing underlayment than the product(s) offered by top national shingle manufacturers.  We can provide statements from these manufacturers that recognize Genesis as a part of a roofing system that acts as a thermal break between your attic and the abusive Florida sun. 

In addition to our Genesis roof underlayment, we offer solar attic fans.  Solar attic fans come with a federal tax credit; in most cases, this tax credit will pay for the cost of adding solar attic fans to your roof system.  Our solar attic fans are made in America by Americans.  These solar attic fans can circulate the volume of hot, stagnate moisture filled air in your attic up to 10 times per hour.  We can calculate the volume buy measuring your attic with pitch and triangulation to determine how much air volume you have and, then, multiply this figure by how many times per hour we need to renew it with different sized PV panels and number of ridge vents. 

Ridge vents are also a great way to cool your roof; however, the majority of roofs in the Jacksonville area are built with minimal ridge vents.  We offer many colors to match your current or new roof material and color.  Ridge vents can be added to your current roof system and will not void any warranty; but it is best to install ridge vents when we install your new 50-year roof system.

Galaxy Builders, Inc. is a Florida state licensed and insured Roofing and General contractor. 

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