Galaxy Builders, Inc. Before & After Photos

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Roof Replacement Jacksonville, FL

Our client in Mandarin had wind damage from a previous wind storm. We worked with their insurance on their behalf and got them a full roof replacement! We also upgraded them at no extra cost to a GAF Timberline HD 50 year archetectural roofing system.

Roof Replacement St. Augustine, FL

Our client, frustrated with his insurance estimate, contacted us to help him. After fighting his insurance, we got him a full roof replacement and upgraded him to a GAF Timberline HD 50 year architectural roofing system at no extra cost!

Roof Replacement in Elkton, FL

Our client just purchased a home on a beautiful property in Elkton, FL but the roof was old and dingy. We worked together with our client to choose a great achitectural roofing system and got it installed it in two days! 

Total Before & After Sets: 3
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